PCOS Diet, Nutrition & Support Program

PCOS is for life. At PollyPrep, we encourage women to learn about their bodies and make life-long friends to unlock confidence.
Dr. Basma Faris has combined her unique knowledge as an OBGYN and Culinary Medicine Specialist to develop the PollyPrep Nutrition and Support Program.

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Why PollyPrep?

PollyPrep's Nutrition and Support program does not focus on one particular PCOS diet. Instead it teaches you nutrition principles that fit into your lifestyle, addresses questions about diagnosis, testing, medications and supplements.

PollyPrep’s 1 Year Subscription Includes:

1) On-demand independent study including 28 lessons focused on diet, nutrition, supplements and lifestyle
2) Monthly group live sessions with Dr. Basma Faris.
3) Secure chat with an exclusive community of other Cysters.

Did You Know?

PCOS goes beyond fertility problems, irregular periods, acne and facial hair. PCOS is a chronic medical condition associated with multiple health risks if not properly managed.

People with PCOS:

  • Have a 3x higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes than those without
  • Are 2.5x more likely to have anxiety and/or depression
  • Are at increased risk of endometrial cancer and possibly ovarian cancer
  • Have higher rates of heart disease, sleep apnea and obesity
  • Are at increased risk of non alcoholic fatty liver disease
Fixing A Broken System

Yet with all these known health risks, most people receive a diagnosis without a thorough explanation of the syndrome and the associated risks. Doctors don’t have time to educate their patients properly, leading to minimal guidance about how to manage their symptoms. Instead, people turn to the internet and social media for answers but it is hard to know what information and advice is legitimate.

Empower yourself by enrolling in PollyPrep
  • Receive the most detailed, updated information about PCOS from Dr. Basma Faris
  • Learn to improve your diet quality so that your food works for your body, not against it
  • Gain the ability to sort truth from misinformation
  • Become empowered to advocate for yourself with your own doctors and take charge of your health
One Year Membership
Get full access to the Nutrition and Support program including PollyPrep's 28 Day Independent Study course. Learn and implement changes at your own pace.
What's included
28 on-demand video lectures
Monthly live video conference with instructor
Exclusive online community
Bonus recipes and cooking videos