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Dr. Basma Faris has combined her unique knowledge as an OBGYN and Culinary Medicine Specialist to develop the PollyPrep Independent Study course.
The 28 Day On-Demand course will teach you everything you need to know to be the master of your own PCOS care.

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The Science Behind PCOS

This course was born out of a need to fill a knowledge gap about PCOS in the general public and the desire of many people with PCOS to educate themselves. For health care professionals and the public alike, PCOS information can be conflicting and confusing. Social media is rife with misinformation making it hard to find reliable sources.

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28 Day Syllabus

Unlike other online PCOS programs, PollyPrep's 28 Day Independent Study course does not focus on one particular PCOS diet. Instead it teaches you nutrition principles that fit into your lifestyle. This is not a one size fits all PCOS diet program that demonizes certain foods. No matter what your culture and beliefs, you can make your nutrition work for you. The PollyPrep 28 Day Independent Study course goes beyond nutrition to address questions about diagnosis, testing, medications and supplements.

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Discover everything you need to know about PCOS in just 28 days from a leading PCOS expert in nutrition and gynocology. Science concepts are presented in an easy to understand fashion, so you can take control of your health. Learn how to tune out misinformation and focus on what truly matters: you!
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